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How to Job Search will be launching soon to the public to help job seekers find work, through provision of templated resumes for your specific scenario. Accompanying online courses will help you complete the process effectively. All of this at an affordable price.

Learn to sell yourself authentically to employers


Are you a Council or provider to community groups?

Thanks to NSW Government and Hawkesbury City Council funding, we piloted an amazing program for job seekers. We’ve also run standalone webinars for Fairfield City Council.

A comprehensive program getting job seekers over any hurdles to get back to work! Setting up the foundations for job search, researching roles, resume writing, interview skills … and much more – yes we have job seekers covered! Help us to help you.

Our Services

Resume/CV courses

Resume templates with courses accompanying (online), tailored to your scenario for best results.

Cover letters

‘Show an interest in them and they will show an interest in you’, is key to a cover letter’s success.

Interview skills

Interviews can be daunting. Our courses help you prepare, so your nerves are kept under control.

Video resumes

Video resumes, bios or video cover letters can be a great way to show your personality.

LinkedIn profiles

Our LinkedIn courses will help you create your profile and use LinkedIn as part of your search.


Who doesn’t like some freebies? Look here for some help for job seekers, some no sign up needed.

Job vacancies

We will list some job vacancies initially, and if popular will add a permanent section in the future.

Resume writers

We would love for you to use our courses and templates, but if you prefer a writer we’ll provide links.

Coming soon – a unique approach to resumes

Rather than writing your resume or CV for you, How to Job Search teaches you the skills to write an amazing and authentic resume yourself. You choose your scenario, and we provide a template that meets your needs, whether you’re a student, a return to work mum, had one job your entire career or many in a year. An online course will explain exactly how to complete the resume step by step.

Helpful tips from the How to Job Search blog

“Holy Guacamole Jane, I would hire myself I’m O for AWESOME and didn’t even know it hahaha……………..Totally love this resume”

Missy, Queensland

Resume rewrite client

Let us know what you need

New templates and courses will depend on client demand. Please let us know your needs.

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