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Our How to Job Search Founder recognised a huge gap in the job market for people who desperately wanted work but couldn’t afford a resume writer. Rather than have them looking for and finding a poor template, How to Job Search will provide live job search training, and for those wanting remote access, scenario driven templates with accompanying courses how to complete.

How to Job Search – giving you a hand up

If you’re struggling in your job search, or are about to start looking for the first time in a long time, it can be hard to know where to start in job search.

How to Job Search is about giving you a hand up so you can more effectively sell yourself for your next role. We give you the tools to empower you to succeed.


Currently we offer free How to Job Search general tips and support, and have run some job search programs for local councils. Soon we’ll be offering affordable options to assist job seekers in securing their next role.

Please let us know how we can help you.

Meet our Founder – Jane Tweedy

How to Job Search was founded by Jane Tweedy.


Jane Tweedy, Founder

Jane loves helping people and begun a resume writing business with great results in 2014 (100% success rate with clients to interview with selection criteria).

Jane has been a job seeker and successfully hired into corporate, volunteering and small business roles. She has also been a hiring manager seeing the good, bad and ugly through thousands of job applications (including graduate recruitment). More recently she’s helped small businesses recruit new employees, and from 2023 became HR committee chair in a volunteer role.

Jane recently added to her formal qualifications with a Cert IV in Business and Personal Coaching, is a Professional Certified Coach with ICF, and holds a Cert IV TAE. She is also a Herrmann Certified Practitioner with HBDI® profiles.

Speaker on job search and workshop presenter

Jane can run joint venture job search and careers workshops in Western Sydney, Sydney and the Blue Mountains, or standalone workshops and webinars on demand for people with shared challenges.

Jane speaks at events (Sydney or further afield in Australia and New Zealand by arrangement) as a keynote speaker, break out speaker or on panels on various topics such as job search, resume writing, cover letters, selection criteria, LinkedIn profiles, interview skills, career development and building personal confidence.

Jane tailors all her speaking to the group in question, so you can be sure participants find value in having Jane as a speaker at your event. Jane’s style is always interactive, engaging with participants, and sessions can be hands on or presentation style.

If you need a speaker for your event including careers exhibition, conference, student careers night or a community group, please contact Jane and she will see if she can assist you.

Outplacement service

If your small to medium business is in the unfortunate position of downsizing or even closing, please contact Jane to discuss outplacement services for your staff.

We are aware corporate outplacement programs can be prohibitively expensive, however you want to look after your loyal staff.

We can arrange affordable packages involving group training or one on sessions with individuals or a combination of services to ensure your employees will be looked after during a difficult time for all.

Sessions can include dealing with the confidence knock and shock of the notice, identifying a person’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, how to construct a quality resume for their situation, the importance of cover letters, setting up LinkedIn profiles and job seeking tips.

Programs can start at an affordable level by running a few group training sessions, with personalised services incurring additional cost.

Our Mission is to help job seekers by providing a hand up, with tools to help you sell yourself more effectively.


Plenty of helpful tips

We know the job search process can be daunting, and we seek to help you with tips at all stages.


Clued up staff

Our Founder Jane Tweedy has experience on all sides which helps job seekers in their applications. 


Online training

Most of our training is conducted online allowing easy accessibility no matter where you’re located.


A hand up not a hand out

You maintain ownership and control of your resume, all applications and documents.


Learn the process

At How to Job Search we teach you to complete your own work – after all only you know what you’ve done!


Affordable pricing

By taking a one to many approach we can reduce the standard resume writing cost markedly.

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How to Job Search - providing a hand up to job seekers

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