Welcome to How to Job Search

Welcome to How to Job Search, blog by Jane Tweedy, Founder

Finally our website has launched – well at least partially!! So, welcome to How to Job Search, our new website and business. We will be adding resources to our site and the first of our templates and courses.

What does this mean for you?

I’ve seen many job seekers struggle to get work, some for prolonged periods of time. This affects the morale of the job seeker and can trigger underlying depression and anxiety. Alternatively, negative thinking can jeopardise job search. Many utilise the resume or CV they had many years ago, which is no longer effective in an online job world. They may grab a random template off Google and think they’re set. Trouble is, they don’t know what they don’t know. The template could be out-of-date, or could be unsuitable for their scenario. Many go this route because they think they cannot afford a professional resume writer, but in fact the lost income is a far greater financial impact.

This is where How to Job Search steps in. We start with your scenario and identify your needs across our offering. For instance, are you getting shortlisted for interviews, but not making it through the interview process? Are you applying for hundreds of jobs with no response? The people in these scenarios have differing needs. The situation you’re in also impacts what you need – it’s not one size fits all.

Job seeker scenarios we intend to cater for over time

We will provide a generic resume for ‘normal’ job seekers, but the real benefits will be for those who have been experiencing difficulty applying for work because of the issues created by their scenario.

Resume/CV scenarios:

  • school leavers (left early)
  • school leavers
  • university students (looking for part time work)
  • university or TAFE graduates
  • only one job through career
  • many jobs in a short space of time
  • return to work parents
  • return to work following carers leave
  • recent migrants (no local work experience)
  • career transition (moving to a new field of work)
  • more mature workers (particularly those who feel they’re being judged on age at the resume stage)
  • applying for directorships
  • business owners


After a career in mainly corporate team leadership and management roles, I started Jane Tweedy Consulting Services in 2014, which had a tagline to ‘help individuals to succeed’. Had great success with getting people work, usually in the next job or two applied for. Selection criteria for Government roles had a 100% success rate for getting people through to interview. However, with a simultaneous focus on small business owners, there came a time to split the business into two. Hence How to Job Search was formed, while business owners are now served by FAQ Business Training and FAQ Business Consulting.

I was also frustrated at only being able to service a small number of people who could afford the service. This left many job seekers in dire need, unable to access me or similar providers through time, location or money. Therefore I came up with the idea of downloading my skills into online courses and templates that you can buy at a price point that is good for both parties.

Where to from here?

Well it’s great to have a website started, but there is still A LOT to do behind the scenes to get our courses and templates up and running. If you would like to be a beta tester of my courses and templates, please let me know your scenario, and I will see if I can include you in beta testing.

So I’ve bitten the bullet and launched the site – woohoo!  As I’ve learned from past experience you don’t need to get things right 100% first time. So, I’ve launched the site and will improve it as time goes on! Please let me know if there are changes or additions you’d like to see.

Welcome to the How to Job Search website, and if there is anything you’d like to see or know about, please send an email or complete the contact form.